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Host resolution problems

11 Jan 11:32

2021 - We are aware that there are currently issues with DNS resolution of our hostnames.
We are already working on locating and fixing the cause.

12.01.2021 - Everything should work as usual again


Login available again

12 Jun 18:19

2018 - The login and all associated functions, such as registration and the password forgotten option are now available again.
Before you get to your host overview, you will be asked to accept our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.
If we do not receive your consent within the next 4 weeks, your account will be blocked or deleted.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Your TwoDNS Team


Update stopped!

01 Jun 00:51

Actually there is no translation existing …


Upcoming TwoDNS Update

31 May 16:08

2018 - Due to an update to a new TwoDNS version, the servers are temporarily shut down around 5:30 PM.
No host updates are possible during this process.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Your TwoDNS-Team


TwoDNS partly usable again!

27 May 03:34

Dear users,

due to a power failure at Hetzner, our server provider, the base of the TwoDNS Master server was destroyed. Above all, no hard disk survived this incident. Due to the high number of people affected, we lost a lot of time before we could start to restore the system.

Currently updates by clients or routers should work again. The login via www.twodns.de was temporarily deactivated. Also the possibility to register a new user account. This is a compromise for the rest of the weekend. After a final test and an update of the web frontend, register and sign in will probably be possible again on Monday afternoon.


29.05.2018 - The login, registration and password forgotten option are still not available.
We hope that all the tests will be completed tomorrow.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Your TwoDNS-Team