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The most frequently asked questions and their answers

  • Does my account expire if I'm inactive?

    No, accounts never expire, no matter when the last update was.

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  • What's the update url?


    If your client supports SSL you should use:


    Please do not change the URL!

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  • How many free hosts does an account get?

    Every account has five free hosts to use.

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  • Can I update all my hosts at once?

    Yes, you can do that on your dashboard or by using the API or update-url. Just use all as hostname and you’re set.

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  • Which settings have to be made in the fritzbox?

    If you want to use TwoDNS as your DynDNS-provider in your FRITZ!Box, fill in the following data:

    Dynamic DNS-Anbieter: benutzerdefeniert

    Update-URL: http://update.twodns.de/update?hostname=<domain>&ip=<ipaddr>

    Domainname: Your domain

    Benutzername: Your registered mail adress

    Kennwort: Your password

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  • The Synology DDNS setup with DSM version 7

    The Query-URL for TwoDNS is:


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