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New and noteworthy at TwoDNS


Problems with the host resolution

22 Nov 12:08

2016 - The ongoing DDoS attack to our network provider is still causing issues at the name resolution. We are working at a solution to solve the issue. At this moment, we are not able to tell the exactly time schedule.

Update :

The problem is solved and everything should work as expected.


Problem with email server

25 Apr 18:01

Actually we´re investigating a problem with our email server.
Affected are account registrations, our email support and any other email services like username or password changes.

We hope we can finish the work as soon as possible. We thank you for your understanding

Update 9 Uhr:

The problem is solved and everything should work as expected.


Frontend slowdown

11 Aug 23:56

The last days some users reported that the Frontend sometimes is unresponsive. The problem should be fixed, thanks for your help and patience.


Problems with DNS resolution

06 Nov 18:46

Today around noon we found out about a problem with our data replication to our DNS servers. That lead to DNS replies giving to different IP addresses for a single host.

To fix this problem, we had to reset the replication and get all data replicated again, which made our website slow and also the DNS responses had been empty for that while.

Since 18:30 the service is fully recovered. To mitigate the problem in future we’ll improve the monitoring on the replication and also will improve the replication itself.

Thank you for your patience!


Improved security

01 Apr 21:21

Yesterday evening our monitoring systems detected some unusual activity on our site and we also have been informed via email about a security hole.

Promptly after receiving the alerts, we fixed the hole and deployed the fix immediately leaving the attack window open for just 5 minutes.

Within this timeframe the attacker was able to see the database password and also some usernames of the Linux system. Because of our configuration the attacker has not been able to connect to the database and the SSH login is only allowed with proper keys.

Even though the attacker had no access to user data at all, we still changed all our passwords as a security measurement. User passwords are not stored in plaintext, so your data didn’t get lost.

To further improve security we employed even stricter configurations on our system now.

Security and your data is very important to us and it showed with reaction times this fast.

Thanks to the reporter for reporting to us in a very short timeframe too.

Sorry for all inconviences caused by this,

- The TwoDNS team

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