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New and noteworthy at TwoDNS


TwoDNS partly usable again!

27 May 03:34

Dear users,

due to a power failure at Hetzner, our server provider, the base of the TwoDNS Master server was destroyed. Above all, no hard disk survived this incident. Due to the high number of people affected, we lost a lot of time before we could start to restore the system.

Currently updates by clients or routers should work again. The login via www.twodns.de was temporarily deactivated. Also the possibility to register a new user account. This is a compromise for the rest of the weekend. After a final test and an update of the web frontend, register and sign in will probably be possible again on Monday afternoon.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Your TwoDNS-Team


Delay in host update

17 Apr 17:11

Changes to the backend and the replication structures of the databases can cause delays in updating hosts.

This will normalize in the near future.

Update :

The problem is solved


Problem with resolving the correct IP address

28 Feb 12:14

2018 - Currently, we are noticing a problem that the resolution fails, despite correctly updated IP.
The cause has already been identified. We are currently working on a solution.

If the problem is solved, we will inform you here.

Update :

The problem is solved


Problems with the host resolution

22 Sep 10:28

2017 - We have noticed that there is problem with the host resolution. We are working at a solution to solve the issue. At this moment, we are not able to tell the exactly time schedule.

Update :

19.04.2018 - The problem is solved


Problem with confirmation email

29 Mar 17:09

2017 - We’ve noticed that some users have not received any confirmation e-mails.
The problem should be fixed now.

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