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Terms of Service and Conditions of Use

What has to been considered …

The TwoDNS service is a product of TwoCom e.K. and provided by TwoCom e.K.

The usage of the TwoDNS service is free of charge.

Any user of the TwoDNS service must be 18 years of age, or older. No minors are allowed

The user must provide his datas correct and truthfully during and after the registration process.

Only one user account, related to the same person/user, is permitted and accepted

While choosing the name of the DNS domain, make sure, that no terms are used which maybe violate any law.

Only with the explicit user agreement of the TwoCom e.K terms, the usage of TwoDNS services is allowed.

The using of the TwoDNS services is also only allowed after the successful registration and confirmation by the user himself using the confirmation email.

Any data, provided by the user during the registration process, will be treated confidentially by TwoDNS resp. TwoCom e.K. and will not be passed onto third parties.

The password, given by the user during the registration process, will not be brought to TwoDNS or TwoCom e.K.’s knowledge and cannot be recovered by TwoDNS or TwoCom e.K.

No employee of TwoCom e.K., will never ever ask the user at any time to reveal his password.

The services which can be used by using TwoDNS, are offered by TwoDNS resp. TwoCom e.K. without any guarantee or warranty obligation and excluding any obligations.

TwoCom e.K. resp. TwoDNS, does not tolerate in any way, any misuse of any resources available through the TwoDNS service and also all kinds of violation of national or international law, including violation of ethical guidelines such as child pornography, fascism, racism, offenses against morality, etc. are not tolerated or accepted in any way by TwoCom e.K.

The following activities also violate our Terms and therefore are strictly forbidden:
• Any kind of illegal activities
• DoS attacks or any kind of hacking
• Redirects to public, non-private IP addresses
• Redirects to illegal file-sharing software and networks
• The resale of TwoDNS services
• Any misuse of TwoDNS
• Any attempt or activity that causes damage to other computers and/or networks.
• Providing incorrect informations while generating a TwoDNS account
• Spamming from search engines
• Distributing, offering or advertising of underage/unadult content
• Causing or supporting copyright infringements
• dissemination of unsolicited private or commercial e-mails

The infringements mentioned above, are not only limited to the infringement possiblities mentioned above; any kind of illegal activities, also when they are not mentioned by our side, are also strictly forbidden.

Ultimately, any violation, including any unnamed violation of applicable law, is a violation of the rules of the TwoDNS service.

Violations, against mentioned terms or any violation of applicable law can be reported at support@two-dns.de; TwoDNS reserves the right to forward any violation information, to the respective competent authority.

TwoCom e.K. is not responsible regarding any damages, losses, costs, malfunctions or other undesirable side effects while using TwoDNS.

TwoDNS endeavours to provide the services as permanently as possible, however, neither a legal claim is derived from this, nor a claim for any kind of damage compensation in case of malfunction or failure of single parts, some or all services.

Every user of TwoDNS is not allowed to do anything that interferes or inhibits the functionalities of the TwoDNS services in any way.

Furthermore, the user must avoid the misuse of any resource related circumstances which is dependent on any TwoDNS service in the form described above or the misuse of it for any other purpose.

Should parts of these, Terms of Use, be ineffective in relation of valid law, the remaining provisions shall not lose their validity.

TwoCom e.K. and TwoDNS reserves the right to change the “Terms of Use” and the functionality of the complete TwoDNS Service at any time. TwoCom e.K. and TwoDNS also reserves the right to inform every user by email about any changes regarding the functionality of TwoDNS and also in relation of the “Terms of Use”.