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New and noteworthy at TwoDNS


Problems with DNS Service

19 Nov 20:39

Since around 17:00, there have been increasing reports of problems with DNS resolution. We are currently analyzing the problem together with our provider.

As soon as there is a new status, we will update this news.

Update: The service should work as expected, again.

Your TwoDNS-Team


Problem with email server

03 Nov 14:23

2021 - We´re currently investigating a problem with our email server.
Affected are account registrations, our email support and any other email services like username or password changes.

We hope we can finish the work as soon as possible. We thank you for your understanding


04.11.2021 08:30am - The problem is solved and everything should work as expected.


Problems with the host resolution

11 May 09:20

2021 - We have noticed that there is problem with the host resolution. We are working at a solution to solve the issue. At this moment, we are not able to tell the exactly time schedule.

Update :

17.05.2021 10:15am - The problem is solved and everything should work as expected.


Host resolution problems

11 Jan 11:32

2021 - We are aware that there are currently issues with DNS resolution of our hostnames.
We are already working on locating and fixing the cause.

12.01.2021 - Everything should work as usual again


Login available again

12 Jun 18:19

2018 - The login and all associated functions, such as registration and the password forgotten option are now available again.
Before you get to your host overview, you will be asked to accept our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.
If we do not receive your consent within the next 4 weeks, your account will be blocked or deleted.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Your TwoDNS Team

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